Finished reading: Maskerade by Terry Pratchett 📚

I plugged in an old external hard drive and had my first iMac system crash in years. There was a loud screech, the screen went black, and the computer rebooted. Got the fright of my life. Nothing seems to have been damaged but this drive is getting binned.

I found a box of the limited edition Wilco Field Notes online. Who do I start to use first? Jeff Tweedy…Nels Cline…?

Wilco inspired Field Notes notebook collection

Keep The Change by Mattiel. 🎵

It’s my birthday and I’m at work alone today. The good thing about lone-working is that I get to choose the radio station and I choose BBC Radio 3. Classical music is “depressing” according to my usual colleagues. I find it anything but. 🎵

I think spring just sproinged.

first daisy of the spring

I mentioned how great it was to see the return of Hakuho to Grand Sumo this month. He’s just retired from the tournament again. Hey-ho.

It’s Grand Sumo Tournament time again. I’ve been watching Sumo on the NHK World Japan TV channel for a few years now and its become a bit of an addiction. There hasn’t been any yokozuna action for a while so it’s great to see Hakuho back. Looking good so far.

The iOS app 1Writer is a very good companion for Obsidian. Notes and backlinks sync and if you set the default extension in 1Writer to “.md” you can create Obsidian notes there too. It’s nice to find a purpose for an app I bought a long time ago and never used.

Finished watching Pretend It’s A City on Netflix and now I want to read some Fran Lebowitz.

There must be something magical in Lyon, France, that makes it produce so many great bands. This is one of my favourite albums from last year (Bandcamp link). Odessey & Oracle - Crocorama 🎵

I seem have escaped any of the more common side effects of yesterday’s Covid jab. I shivered with cold for a little while last night, which might not have been related anyway, but I’m feeling fine now.

I got my first Covid jab today and also unfriended someone on another social media site. A Covidiot of course. Every post was like a personal insult or slap in the face to those of us that are trying to do the right thing. We didn’t interact anyway so no big loss.

I don’t want a foldable phone. I want a thin slab of plastic like the devices in The Expanse.

October was such a dreary month and the rest of the year is shaping up to be more of the same. I’m someone who likes to be at home but the lockdown blues are starting to get to me too. I haven’t felt like doing anything for weeks. Music and films are keeping me a bit buoyant.

Added these resistance bands to my daily indoor cycle exercises. I’m not a gym/workout kind of person but I need to get those lockdown joints and muscles moving.

resistance bands for exercising muscles

It would be helpful if the account page told you which paid account you’re currently on. I’ve juggled a few other subscriptions around and upgraded to Premium but there’s no indication that the upgrade has went through.

I had to phone Apple Support today and speak to an actual human being. It was a pretty good experience as far as these things go. My problem was solved quickly and calmly. I wont be reticent to phone again if I have the need.

Bob has been on a run of fantastic albums recently. I’m looking forward to the new one very much.

The former Hüsker Dü and Sugar frontman is back with a career box set and an incendiary new album, having come to terms with childhood trauma, his sexuality and the death of his bandmate

Via: Bob Mould, alt-rock’s gay icon, takes on American evil: ‘My head’s on fire!’ | Music | The Guardian

I don’t get sleep tracking at all. Any tracker I’ve tried to use has just recorded how long I’ve lain in bed. It’s another tiny layer of anxiety that only adds to my sleep problems anyway.

We’ve been leaving a side door open at work resulting in things like this.

This fox just walked into our office.

Sound. Another dip into the past. #mbaug

Steve Hogarth, Marillion, lighted stage

Earworm of the day: Troublemakers by Lavinia Blackwall. 🎵

Transport. Train, Earls Court, London. #mbaug

Train, Earls Court, London

I’d never seen Silicon Valley before so I started a binge watch. One season down and I’m really enjoying it. Mike Judge’s name on something is usually a sign that it’s going to be good.